The team

Dedicated to dolphin conservation!

While skippers will take care of your trip and safety while on the sea, the crew of Blue World Institute will give you an introductory lecture prior to your departure so you will know what to expect.

Almost all of the bottlenose dolphins in the Lošinj area are resident, meaning they spend their entire life in the waters of Lošinj. Researchers know each of them personally. Actually, the dorsal fin of each dolphin is unique, like our fingerprints, so we can recognise them on the sea. We even gave them names!

Duje, skipper

Duje is a native Lošinj guy. He grew up by the sea and created a formidable relationship with the sea. Duje is a nature lover and experienced dolphin researcher.

Marko, skipper and biologist

Marko started his “affair” with bottlenose dolphins of Lošinj over 10 years ago when he joined Adriatic Dolphin Project – the longest ongoing dolphin research in the Mediterranean.

Hours, days and months spent on the sea and with bottlenose dolphins makes Duje and Marko the best skippers for you!