What to expect on your dolphin watching trip

Our program should provide you with main information about every stage, but feel free to ask us for any info at any time!

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1. Lošinj marine education centre - first info

To make your visit on our boat pleasant, you will meet your crew in Lošinj marine education centre. We will introduce you to our dolphins, the Lošinj area and give you some boat safety information in a 30 minute lecture.

2. Boarding the boat - the trip starts

Your boat is waiting in front of the Education centre. The crew will help you board, put on your life vests, store your belongings etc. Your adventure starts! During the dolphin watching trip we will show you the magnificent Lošinj archipelago from the sea!

We will spend a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 3 hours out on the sea. The time spent on the sea is dependent upon the time it takes to find the dolphins and their response to our presence.

3. When we see dolphins - the wait is over!

The search is over! We found dolphins! We will slowly approach the animals so you can see them closely. Sometimes the dolphins decide to approach the boat and bowride. That is a fantastic experience and if you listen you can even hear them vocalise!

We will stay with the animals for up to 30 minutes. But, do not forget, the dolphins you are observing are wild animals and their behavior will indicate when we overstay our welcome.

4. When we return - use your ticket to visit LMEC

Once you return from the sea, you can visit Lošinj marine education centre again and spend more time getting to know more about our dolphins, watch short documentaries and learn about the many educational, conservation and research activities of Blue World Institute in the Adriatic sea.

Also, you can Adopt one of the Adriatic dolphins or buy some cool gifts.

Our skipper and staff will be at your disposal during the entire trip so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!