Disclaimer and service conditions

When buying a ticket, it is obligatory to leave a phone number so that the epidemiological service can contact you in case of suspicion of infection with the COVID-19 virus.

Blue World Ltd offers services of marine transportation in accordance with all the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia. Additionally, Blue World Ltd will make an effort to ensure that the passengers’ time aboard is safe and pleasant. However, Blue World Ltd does not take responsibility for any kind of unwanted events caused by passengers’ misconduct or lack of attention.

Participation in dolphin watching trip is voluntary and a passenger’s choice. Blue World Ltd does not take responsibility for any kind of inconveniences, injuries etc. which may be caused by passengers’ misconduct or carelessness.
By buying a ticket, all passengers confirm that they are of adequate health and capacity to join the trip.
All passengers aboard are insured with the basic insurance of Blue World Ltd for damage to third parties. Accident insurance for any situation caused by passengers’ negligence or misbehaviour is not covered by this insurance policy and Blue World Ltd does not take responsibility for such instances.
All children younger than 18 must be accompanied by parents or responsible adults who should take full responsibility for care of children during their time onboard.
It is recommended that all the minors and non-swimmers wear life vests at all times during the trip. Children under three years of age are not allowed aboard.
All the passengers aboard are OBLIGED to follow instructions given by crew and the skipper. The Skipper’s decisions are final.
Complaints and commendations may be registered in the Book of Complaints and Commendations that is available in premises of the Blue World Ltd. All passengers who submit a complaint will be informed in writing regarding the actions taken to rectify their complaint.
All the passengers and users of the dolphin watching service understand that dolphins are wild animals and that is impossible to guarantee their presence in advance, their observation or their behaviour.

Booking is confirmed only after the ticket is paid in full. If payment is made on-line, booking will be confirmed after money is received on the account of the Blue World LTD (or its agents). After booking is confirmed, the ticket is non-refundable. Ticket is transferable to another person for booked time only.

In the event that the Blue World Ltd cancels the trip before going out to the sea, or within the first 30 minutes of leaving the harbour, tickets will be reimbursed in full amount. No other expenses can be claimed by the passengers.

The Dolphin watching experience includes a 15 minute lecture prior to the trip, and a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 3 hours, out on the sea. The time spent on the sea is dependent upon the time it takes to find the dolphins and their response to our presence.

If during the first trip dolphins are not found, passengers will be invited to take another free trip within the next 7 days at a time chosen by the passengers, provided there are free places available.

In case of any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this service, the Parties shall first seek to resolve the dispute or claim by friendly discussion. If no solution can be reached within 4 weeks, the parties can submit all their disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Croatia.

Users renounce any responsibility of Blue World Ltd for any kind of direct or indirect damage, material or non-material and/or expenses (including the expenses of procedure) that may come out of their partaking in the dolphin watching trip and/or may be caused by passengers’ misconduct.

By buying a ticket, passengers confirm that they are aware of this Service conditions and disclaimer accept it as non-disputable.

Users consent that Croatian version of the Service conditions and disclaimer is the original version out of which all further interpretation is taken.

This Disclaimer and service conditions are aplicable for all tickets purchased after 26.8.2017.